INCA Video Desk Station LED Indicators

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Station LED

LED4 - Red 5mm LED on board rear side, also seen through front plate.

Station LED

Blinking at 1 second intervals:
Station cannot register to the server/controller

Possible reasons:

  • Invalid network settings (IP address and network mask) in the device
  • Wrong or missing account settings (Server IP, directory number, password..)
  • Failing to register due to missing license in the server
  • The server is offline
  • Network or Server firewall is not blocking port 50001 (ICX-AlphaCom) or 5060 (Edge/SIP)

If the server is on a different subnet, check that

  • A valid Default gateway is defined

No blinking:

Possible reasons:

  • Station connected and registered to the server/controller
  • Station not powered up (if no other LEDs are active)

Blinking at 5 second intervals:

Note icon This LED behaviour only applies in ICX-AlphaCom mode

Station connected but NOT registered in the ICX-AlphaCom

Possible reasons:

  • Station has not been programmed in AlphaPro
  • Missing IP Station license in ICX-AlphaCom

Display Color Bar

In the LCD display there is a bar color indicating the connection status:

  • Yellow indicates that the IP Desktop Station is connected to the server.
  • Green indicates an active, incoming or outgoing call.
  • Red indicates that no network connection can be established. If an Ethernet cable is connected the IP Video Display should connect automatically during start up.
  • Yellow-Red flashing indicates that no connection to the server can be established. If the server and the IP Desktop Station is configured correctly the connection is established automatically during start up. (May take some time)