IP Flush Master -V2 Board Connectors

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This chapter gives details about connections and indications for:

IPFlushDrawingwith numbers.png

Item Description Comment
P3 Pluggable screw connector * 1/2 = Connection to internal loudspeaker (8ohm)
* 3/4 = Relay
* 5/6 = Not in use
P4 Pluggable screw connector * 1/2/ = Input 1-3
* 4 = Common
* 5/6 = Station LED (5=A, 6=C)
J1 D48 Expansion Module RJ45 Connector to connect D48 modules, via I2C bus.
P14 External loudspeaker 3-pin screw connector for 8 ohm loudspeaker (max 5W). Operates in parallel with internal speaker.
J3 5VDC 5 volt DC output
P1 & P2 LAN Port 10/100Mbps RJ-45 port for Ethernet connection.
P600 External Power Supply 2-pin screw connector for connecting external 24-48VDC power supply. Max 300mA.
J5 Display 20-pin ZIF connector for LCD display. Separate display panels are available as a kit of 5 units (order no. 1008099000).
P5 Keyboard Solderpoints See details further down.
J4 Keyboard 18 pin ZIF connector. See details further down.
J8 Handset/Headset Dual RJ11 for Handset and Headset. See details further down.
J7 Gooseneck 3-pin header for connecting gooseneck microphone. 1 is +, 2 is - and 3 is GND.
S1 Microphone selector Slide switch to select internal microphone (int) or gooseneck microphone (ext)
J10 Microphone Internal microphone. Pin 1 is + and 2 is -.


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  • When "Station Type" is set as Master station in AlphaPro, the inputs are mapped as DAK 11, 12 and 13.
  • When the "Station Type" is set as CRM in AlphaPro, the inputs are mapped as 251, 252 and 253.

Keyboard matrix

P5 or J4 keyboard matrix

P5 pinnings:

Pinout on P5

J4 connector In software you can choose between four different matrix types, see Keyboard Settings.

18-pin ZIF-connector for keyboard. The keyboard may have up to 10 dialling keys, M and C keys, 10 DAK keys, 10 soft keys, volume up/down and light dim up/down keys connected in a matrix according to the drawing.


  • J4/10 DAK1 Green LED
  • J4/11 DAK1 Red LED
  • J4/12 DAK2 Green LED
  • J4/13 DAK2 Red LED
  • J4/14 DAK3 Green LED
  • J4/15 DAK3 Red LED
  • J4/16 DAK4 Green LED
  • J4/17 DAK4 Red LED
  • J4/18 Common +3.3 V

Handset and Headset

Handset can optionally be connected via J11, J12 and J13.

J11, J12 & J13 - Handset

Pin header for handset connection. Same as J8 pin 1 - 6.

J11, J12, J13

  • J11 Pin 1 Spk+
  • J11 Pin 2 Spk-
  • J12 Pin 1 Mic+
  • J12 Pin 2 Mic-
  • J13 Pin 1 OFFHOOK
  • J13 Pin 2 GND



  • Pin 1 Mic+
  • Pin 2 Spk+
  • Pin 3 Spk- (0 V)
  • Pin 4 Mic-
  • Pin 5 Hook-switch (must be connected to pin 6 via a switch)
  • Pin 6 Hook-switch Ground



  • Pin 7 Mic+
  • Pin 8 Spk+
  • Pin 9 Spk-
  • Pin 10 Mic-
  • Pin 11 PTT Ground
  • Pin 12 PTT (Not currently supported by SW)
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Relay switching capacity: Max. 60 watt (Max voltage: 250VAC/220VDC. Max current: 2A)