IP OR Station Dimensions & Mounting Instructions

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IP OR station dimensions:
IP OR station - Dimensions

Mounting and Demounting

The station is securely fastened to the backbox using the four retention pegs supplied.
To mount the station:

  • Insert the four plastic retainers into the larger and inner of the holes at each corner of the backbox.
  • Align the four retention pegs with the four plastic retainers and push the station down until flush with the backbox.

Mounting the IP OR Master Station
To demount the station, follow the instructions precisely:

  • Using a flat-head screwdriver, gently pry loose each retention peg from the four corners. Make sure to pry loose each peg gradually so that all four pegs remain at an even plane during the whole process.
  • When the retention pegs are loose enough, lift the station out, making sure to keep the station at an even plane as it is lifted out from the backbox.
Caution! Do not lift the station at an angle as this may damage the pegs.

Demounting the IP OR Master Station


Flush Mount Backbox for IP OR Master Station