IP Station MAC-address updater

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This article is about a possible issue related to software upgrades of IP-stations delivered from Zenitel in the months of July and August 2012.

Problem description

Due to a wrong delivery of pre-programmed flash-memory, IP-stations may not be able to have their software upgraded, this due to how the MAC-address is presented during the upgrade process. In every other respect the stations will function correctly; also when the MAC-address is viewed on the station web-page all appears to be correct. The problem therefore only manifests itself when a software upgrade procedure fails.


The problem is easy to rectify, also when the station is already installed and commissioned. On AlphaWiki there is a new sub-section for IP-station software ‘IP-station MAC-address updater’ with in it the file ‘unpack.tar.gz’. Download this file and update the station with this software. The procedure is slightly different from a normal software upgrade:

  • Go to the page http://STATION_IP_ADDRESS/upload.htm, e.g.
  • Browse to the location where the file ‘unpack.tar.gz’ is stored, and click on upload
  • Click on Install; the process takes about 5 seconds after clicking the ‘Install’-button.

When this process is finished, the station software can be updated as normal. This procedure is only required once, following station software updates will function as expected.

Affected stations

This problem has only been discovered recently when Zenitel received reports on software update failures and it is impossible to know how many stations have been shipped with this potential problem. Other than the IP-Dual Display station and the Turbine station range all other stations, kits and IP-ARIO which have been shipped during the months July and August 2012 may be affected by this issue, but note that not all stations which have been delivered during this period have this problem.