IP Substation Dimensions & Mounting Instructions

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Designed in stainless steel to withstand corrosion.

 From HW version 1008041100.0401, stainless steel: A316L. (Earlier versions: A304.) 
  Dimensions (WxHxD) Weight
IP Vandal Resistant Substation 92 x 180 x 46 mm 0.8 kg


IP Substation Dimensions - Front view IP Substation Dimensions - Side view

Flush Mounting

The IP Vandal Resistant Substation (part no. 1008041100) can be mounted in a flush mount backbox (part no. 1008098100) or a surface mount backbox (part no. 1008098000).
IP Substation - Flush Mount Backbox

Surface Mounting

IP Substation - Surface Mount Backbox