IRR-3 Relay unit

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IRR-3 relay unit, item 1020600992

The IRR-3 relay unit (item 1020600992) is used in combination with industrial stations. The relay unit is used for operating of rotary light or sound device for call indication. It can also be used for switching of 100V loudspeaker lines.


  • Multi-purpose relay unit for operation of 24VDC or 220V AC visible and/or audible signal units
  • Local mute function for SPA Public Address System
  • Wall mounting
  • IP 66
  • Suitable for installation in noisy areas

IRR-3 operated from a centrally located relay

Wiring when the relay is located by the AlphaCom exchange.

IRR-3 overview
IRR-3 detailed connection diagram

IRR-3 operated from a locally located relay

Wiring when the relay is located in the remote station.

IRR-3 detailed connection diagram

Detailed connections

Internal IRR-3 connection diagram

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