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ITSV-3 allows users to customize the GUI desktop layout as well as GUI configurations on the phone, offering users flexibility and control. The GUI configuration includes displaying/hiding applications, configuring parameters on the phone with specific requirements, controlling the display appearance, enabling/disabling some functions, and much more.

This tool allows users to do the following configurations:

  • Turn on/off applications
  • Set up parameters
  • Personalize phone display
  • Turn on/off certain functions on applications

ITSV-3 GUI config tool is available as a web service. Access the below URL in order to generate the Customization file that will be uploaded to the ITSV-3.

GUI Config tool

Note icon If you already have a customization file you can go to Upload of customization file

ITSV3 main page.png

GUI Config Tool

Create customization file

  1. Access GUI Config tool
  2. Modify the parameters and application configurations
  3. Generate the custom file by clicking on "Export Configuration" button. The file must be named itsv-3cust.

Overview of GUI Config Tool

Open the GUI Config tool and select the model. ITSV-3 is the GXV3370 model.

Select the correct model

Config Settings

Under the Config Settings, the user can choose what Settings to enable/disable from the web tool.

In this section, users have the following settings that can be enabled or disabled:

  • Contact Settings
  • Background Settings
  • Layout Settings
  • Call Settings
  • Screensaver Settings
  • Language and Keyboard
  • Taskbar Settings
  • Auto Adjust Screen Settings

For instance, if the user unchecks “Contact Settings”, the related tab will be disabled and greyed out.

Contact Settings

The Contacts Settings section on the Config Web Tool provides the parameters for Contacts Import/Export, phonebook download and LDAP/Call History configuration for the ITSV-3.

Background Settings

In the Background Settings page, the admin can select a screen image from the available ones or import it by clicking on "Upload" under "Select image".

To prevent the user from changing the background image on the device, you need to check the "Not allow changing wallpaper" option in the Background Settings Page.

Note icon The background image used in the ITSV-3 is available for download here: ITSV-3 Backgorund

Layout Settings

This settings page gives you the ability to set the graphic design wanted, by changing and modifying the visual structure of the ITSV-3 user interface.

Layout settings

Under this section, you can do the following operations:

  • The number of desktop pages can be increased by clicking on ITSV3 layout settings plus.png or decreased by clicking on ITSV3 layout settings minus.png
    • Note: The maximum of desktop pages allowed is 9 pages
  • You can enable/disable Displaying the Dialpad and specify the App install Screen number
  • You can upload an android 3rd Party application using the “Add 3rdParty App” option. By clicking the "Upload" button, and entering "Display Name" in the pop-up window, then uploading the APK file, finally clicking "Add". The 3rd-party application with the icon and name will be displayed on the panel.
  • You can add and remove widgets and applications by drag and drop the widget from the bar at the bottom. You can change the applications and widgets position on the pages, and in order to move an application to another page, you can drag and drop the needed applications to "No more applications" bar at the bottom in order to be able to put them in a different desktop page

Call Settings

The Call Settings page is where you can set One-Way Call Function Button (Hold, Start Video, Transfer...etc.) which will be directly displayed on the call screen, as well as Conference Call Function Buttons which will be directly displayed in the conference call screen, with 4 items by default.

Call settings

Screensaver Settings

The Screensaver Settings page is where you can configure screensaver parameters, such as the source of the screensaver (Default, local or from the internet), screensaver start time, Turn off LCD Time, and the Interval between pictures.

Language and Keyboard

The Language and Keyboard page is used for disabling language settings or for choosing the phone’s display language among the languages available under "Language Settings" and can upload a custom language file. The admin has also 4 Keyboard choices: "Android Keyboard(AOSP)", "Google Pinyin IME", "Japanese IME" or "Custom Input Method" (allows upload of a customized keyboard) available under “DefaultInput Method”.

Taskbar Settings

On the Taskbar Settings page you can disable or customize the taskbar at the top of the screen. By clicking on the minus sign on the wanted functions you can remove that function from the taskbar. You can disable the whole taskbar by clicking "Disable Taskbar" on the top of the screen.

taskbar settings

Auto Adjust Screen Settings

Shows all third-party applications that support screen adaptation function. You can select the applications that you need from the list.

Upload of customization file

  1. Start the TFTP server and set the current directory to point to the directory where the file "itsv-3cust" is saved
  2. In the ITSV-3 Web GUI, go to Maintenance > Upgrade > Config File > CUST File section
  3. Set the Download mode to TFTP and enter the TFTP server IP address in the GUI Customization File URL field
  4. Save and reboot the phone to trigger the upgrade
  5. After booting up, ITSV-3 will download and apply the customization file a few minutes after it has started. LCD shall display the customized GUI
Note icon A customization file with disabled WiFi and Settings is available for download here: ITSV-3 Customization file

Note icon If your DHCP server is using Option 66 to automatically provision the TFTP server, this needs to be disabled temporarily in the ITSV-3.

Option 66 itsv-3.png

Additional information

Restriction of access to ITSV-3 settings

Access to the settings of the ITSV-3 can be limited to only Basic settings. This will prevent the user to change network settings and account settings.

  • Log in to the ITSV-3
  • Go to System Settings > Security Settings > Web/SSH Access
  • From the dropdown list for the Configuration via Keypad Menu select Basic Settings Only
  • Save the changes
ITSV3 settings restriction.png

Note icon When configuration via keypad menu is limited to “Basic Settings Only”, Admin authentication will be mandatory to start Factory Reset process

Installing a TFTP server on your PC

Settings for tftpd32. "Software" is set as base directory
  • Download the TFTP Server program tftpd32 standard edition (installer) from
  • For 64 bit computers download tftpd64 standard edition (installer)
  • Unzip the file. (e.g. to C: \tftpdxx\)
  • Run the tftpdxx.exe file. The program is run by selecting the extracted .exe file, no installation is needed.
  • Select the base directory (e.g. C:\Software) by selecting the Settings button, then Browse
  • Turn off everything except "TFTP Server" under Global Settings. Especially important to turn off "DHCP Server", as this server part of the tftpxx application may interfere with other DHCP servers in the network
  • The TFTP Server program must be running during customization file upload