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Release info

Name: ITSV-1
Description: ITSV-1 - IP Video phone
Date: 15.09.2019
Status: General Availability (GA)


Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-2327 SSL 64-bit Block Size Cipher Suites Supported

Security scanner detected support for weak 64-bit block size ciphers that could be compromised. Those are now disabled in the system.


Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-2326 SSL 64-bit Block Size Cipher Suites Supported (SWEET32)

Security scanner detected support for weak 64-bit block size ciphers that could be compromised. Those are now disabled in the system.

MTN-2325 SSL Weak Protocol Version Supported

Security scanner detected support for old versions of SSL. There are now disabled.

MTN-2328 SSLv3 Fallback Vulnerability (POODLE)

Security scanner detected SSLv3 Fallback Vulnerability (POODLE). This is now fixed.

MTN-2329 SSL RC4 Cipher Suites Supported (Bar Mitzvah)

Security scanner detected support for RC4 cipher in some cipher suites (Bar Mitzvah), RC4 cipher is flawed and can be a security issue. RC4 cipher is now disabled in the system

MTN-2303 Factory reset of ITSV-1 now possible without admin password

It is now possible to factory reset the ITSV-1 by holding 1-9 during bootup.

MTN-2474 Choice for when the video should start streaming

You are now able to select if video should stream at call initiation (SIP INVITE) or at call connect (200 OK).

MTN-2333 When using MJPG\RSTP video URL on ITSV-1, call pickup with handset does not work

This is now fixed.

MTN-1396 Display shows Multicast address during group call.

Display was shoving Multicast address during group call, this is fixed and Multicast address is no longer shown on display.


Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-2202 Custom Background wallpaper not preserved after reboot

Background wallpaper can be changed, but returns back to default ITSV-1 one after reboot. Wallpapers change are now preserved after reboot

SNOW-1110 Automatic cancel of non-responsive calls from remote party

If the phone does not receive RTP packets from remote party for more than 30 sec (default value) call will be dropped automatically.

SNOW-1005 Enable constrained mode on ITSV-1 by default

Constraint mode is enabled by default and locks the device Administration / Security menu (options like WiFi Hotspot, Debug tools, Unauthorized apps installation, Network settings, etc.)

SNOW-1007 ITSV-1 should have shorter (re)Registration interval

Register expiration time is now set to 10 min on all account by default

SNOW-1006 Restrict SSH access to ITSV-1

SSH access is now disabled by default

SNOW-1109 Mandatory change of default password

User now needs to change a default password upon first log in. Default password is alphaadmin.

SNOW-1030 Video preview interrupted after answering the call

A video preview stream is initially started when ITSV-1 is ringing, but once the call is answered stream will be stopped and new one will be started, and in this case video is lost for 4-5 seconds. This is now fixed

Known issues

VSIS-1195 ITSV-1: Station is "On Hold", but display still showing "Talking"

Tested with other SIP clients (e.g. Bria) who display On-hold status correctly


Bugfixes and Improvements

SNOW-444 Increase number of door system clients to 100

A list of devices in Call Settings -> Configure Door system is now increased to 100


New Features

VSIS-1188 Pulse support for new ITSV-1 phone

Implemented software support for new ITSV-1 video touch station. Device will be recognized as Vingtor-Stentofon station in Pulse system. Pulse Group call w/ Answer (meet me) is supported. TCIV H.264 video call in Pulse mode is supported.

Bugfixes and Improvements

SNOW-313 RTSP support for TCIV H.264 stream (AlphaCom)

Added RTSP H.264 support on ITSV-1 to initiate video stream from TCIV in AlphaCom mode