IndigoVision Control Center - ICX-AlphaCom integration

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The IndigoVision Control Center can be integrated with the ICX system or the AlphaCom system. The integration is done via OPC.



ICX requires the presence of the appropriate API/OPC license.

  • 1002602306 - ILI-API64 - API License Supporting 64 Stations
  • 1002602309 - ILI-API512 - API License Supporting 512 Stations

With ICX it is possible to purchase a single Product Key which covers all stations connected to all ICX's in a network. ICX licenses can be stacked, i.e. 1x 1002602306 + 2x 1002602309 gives 1088 API licenses which can be used on 2 or more ICXs.


The AlphaCom requires the presence of the appropriate API/OPC license. Note that every AlphaCom in an AlphaNet requires such a license.

  • 1009649901 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 40 Stations
  • 1009649902 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 80 Stations
  • 1009649903 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 160 Stations
  • 1009649904 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 240 Stations
  • 1009649905 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 320 Stations
  • 1009649906 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 400 Stations
  • 1009649907 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 552 Stations


The interface allows ICX or AlphaCom events to be transferred to IndigoVision Control Center.

  • An event such as a call or call request can be used to connect a camera to a monitor and instruct the camera to go to a Pan/Tilt/Zoom preset

ICX and AlphaCom configuration

The OPC server communicates with ICX or AlphaCom TCP/IP port 61112 or 61113. In the Web interface, make certain that the TCP/IP port which will be used is enabled in the 'Filter-page' for the physical Ethernet port (ETH0 or ETH1) which is used to communicate with the OPC server.