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M-key is a special key on Zenitel Intercom stations.

Press-to-talk (PTT) control:

  • During Conversation: If an operator is pressing the M-key during a call, the audio will be forced in one direction (forced simplex). Releasing the M-key will force the audio in the opposite direction, towards the operator. If the operator presses the M-key briefly, the conversation will return to duplex (handsfree) mode.
  • During Group Call announcement: After having dialed a Group Call number, press the M-key to open the microphone
  • In Simplex Conference: Press the M-key to talk into a simplex conference (e.g. in communication with Mobile Radio)

Answer button:

  • The M-key is used to accept incoming calls

Menu confirmation:

  • M-key is used as a "confirm" / "OK" button for many functions.