Mail Timeout (Event Type)

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Event description

Event Owner: A station or an UDP group
Event type: 20 - Mail Timeout
Subevent: N/A
When change to ON: When a mail times out
When change to OFF: N/A
When related to: The sending station and Mail tag

Additional information

- Each mail entry has a timer, default timeout is 7,5 days
- The time can be changed by the data message $SMT (Set_Mail_Timeout)
- The timer has 10 seconds resolution
- This event "20 Mail Timeout" is triggered 10 seconds before a mail entry is deleted
- Use the event "10 - Received Mail" ON to set the timer
- Syntax:
  • $SMT Lxxxx Wyyyy Qzz
  • xxxx = Queuing station's dir no
  • yyyy = Mail tag identifying this mail entry
  • zz = Time in seconds
  • Example: $SMT L%1.dir W%2.tag Q60
- Upon timeout activate $CPYM to copy the mail to another station or group of stations, or insert the mail in own queue with a higher priority


- Forward unattended call requests
- Activate a buzzer when the first call request arrives, or when a higher priority request arrives