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This document shortly describes how to use the External Generic Event in Milestone for starting the video recording on call button activation on a turbine station.
To keep the description short the recording is set to stop after 3 seconds, but of course a new event can also be used.
The usage of the External Generic Event can only be implemented in an ICX-Alphacom Intercom system as it requires that the controller can send text strings via a TCP/IP connection to the Milestone XProtect Management System.
The document contains the following sections:

  • Milestone Setup
  • ICX-AlphaCom Setup
  • Firewall Setup
  • Test

Milestone Setup

Start the XProtect Management Client. Select Tools and Options.

Select the Generic Event Tab

Select the ”Generic Event” tab. Select “New” and define a new “ICX-AlphaCom” connection:

Define Event Source Port

Complete the setup by pressing “OK”.

Definition of the Event

Select “Rules and Event”. Right-click “Generic Event” and select “New”.
Enter the event name and the text string to search for in the data telegram from the Data Source “ICX-AlphaCom”.

Define the Event

Definition of the Rule

Add new Rule

Define Rule Type

Push event

Select Event

Push “OK” and “Next” on the shown window.

Selected Event

Select “Day of week is <day>” and push days

Select active time

Select all and press “OK” and “Next” on the next window.

Select Action to perform

Select “Start recording on <device>” and recording device

Select Device

Select “Select devices” and press “OK”.

Select Device from List

Select the devices and press “Add” for add to selected devices and press “OK”.

Defined Start Action

Press “Next”.

Define Stop Action

Select “Perform stop action after

Stop Action Criteria

Select 3 seconds (for test). Press Ok and Press “Next”.

Defined Rule

Press “Finish”.

Rule added to List

ICX-AlphaCom Setup

Setup Client Connection

Define a TCP/IP client connection, which can connect to the Milestone VMS.

Select Serial Ports

Assign an EDIO port (here EDIO 1) for the IP-Connection and press “Change”.

Define Protocol Type

Insert IP-address of the Milestone VMS and the port number to be used.

Define Port Protocol Parameters

Press ”OK”.
Press ”Send All” and afterwards “Reset” to activate the changes.

Usage of the Client Connection

In the “Users” menu – select a station and press the “Event”-button.
In this example the string “CallFromTurbine109” is send on activation of the call button (DAK 1).
For debug reasons the event is added to the system log in ICX-alphaCom.

Define Station Event

Firewall Setup

The port number (1238) must be added to the firewall. It is assumed that the ICX-AlphaCom is able to access Milestone as this is required for the plugin to work.
Start the Control Panel and select “Windows Defender Firewall”.

Select Firewall Setup

Add new Rule

Add new Inbound Rule

Select Type of Rule

Select Protocol and Port Number

Select Connection Allowed

Select Connection Type

Name the Rule

New Rule added


Restart the XProtect Event Server.
When pushing the call button on the Turbine the TCP telegram can be logged using WireShark:

WireShark Logging

Also, viewing the MIP logs the event should be listen in the log. Right-click on the Event Server in the Task Bar.

MIP Logging