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This article describes how install the AddToLogServer Service in a Milestone XProtect VMS. The service will enable the logging of

  • Call state changes for all intercom stations.
  • Station connection status (connected/disconnected)
  • Controller connection status (connected/disconnected)

on the Milestone Log-server. The log entries will be available via the the Milestome Management Client. The logging of the 3 event types is only done when the Milestone XProtect Smart Client is running with the VS-Milestone Plugin installed.

According to the MIP (Milestone Integration Platform) SDK documentation the VideoOS.Platform.Log.LogClient class enables adding of entries to the log server. This ability is only supported for a stand-alone implementation.

LogClient Class

This means that the implementation has to be done in a component integration, that is an executable which has to log on the Milestone Management Server in order to get access to the Log Server. In the VS-Milestone Integration this is implemented as a standalone background service as sketched in the drawing below:

AddToLogServer Data Flow

Please Note: The library VideoOS.Platform.Log dll is compiled for running in 64k (x64-processor) mode only and consequently the service can only run in 64k mode.


The AddToLogServer Service must be installed on each PC running a Milestone XProtect Smart Client.

Start installing the AddToLogServerService software by double left click on the Windows Installation Package.

Installation Package

If a version of the service is already installed, you will get this pop-up window:

Repairing existing server

Please select “Remove AddToLogServerService_Setup”.

Removing existing server

Removing existing server completed

Press "Close". After the removal of the installed service double-left click installation package again.

Installing Server

Press "Next".

Select Installation Folder

Press "Next".

Confirm Installation

Press "Next".

Installation Completed

Press “Close”.

As the VideoOS.Platform.Log dll is compiled for running in 64k mode the package is installed in C:/Program Files.

Installation Directory

Encryption of Login Credentials

The configuration file AddToLogServerService.exe.config must contain the logon credentials for the service to log on to the Milestone XProtect VMS Server (like the Smart Client).
The credential used is the same as used by the Smart Client and Management Client to log on the Milestone XProtect VMS Server.
In order not to have these credentials stored in readable text they are encrypted by means of the utility program EncryptCredentials.exe.
The credentials MUST be encrypted while the service expects this and will try to decrypt the credentials in the configuration file.

Start the program as administrator:

Invocation of the EncryptCredentials Utility

EncryptCredentials Login Window

Enter the Username/Password (admin/alphaadmin) and push “Login”-button and the following screen picture is shown:

EncryptCredentials Main Window

Start by pushing the “Select Config File”- button and select the file “AddToLogServerService.exe.config”. Push the “Read Server Address”, “Read Username” and “Read Password”-button to read the current values of Server Address (uri), Username and Password from the file.

If the values are encrypted (long unreadable string with more than 300 characters) you can decrypt the string by pushing the “Decrypt …”-button to check if they are correct. When the correct credentials have been entered and encrypted the data can be stored to the configuration file by pushing the appropriate “Save …”-button. A pop-up window is shown for each entry saved as an acknowledge.

Add the Service to the Service List

Remember to have the Milestone Management Server, Event-Server and Recording server up running. This can be done from the task bar.

Milestone Services shown in the System Task Bar

Also, ensure to start the Log-Server. This can be done from the Task Manager->Sevices.

Milestone Log Server Service

Start a Command Prompt as Administrator (Press "Start" and enter “Com”):

Start Command Prompt

Change directory by entering: “cd C:\Program Files\Vingtor Stentofon\AddToLogServerService_Setup”.

Change to AddToLogServerService Setup Directory

Display directory entering: “dir”.

AddToLogServerService Setup Directory

A Service Manager (srvman) help menu is available by entering “srvman -h”

Srvman Help Menu

If an AddToLogServerService is already running - stop and delete the service:

Stop the service by entering "srvman stop AddToLogServerService".

Stop running AddToLogServer Service

Delete the service by entering "srvman delete AddToLogServerService".

Delete AddToLogServer Service

Add new Service to List of Installed Services by entering "srvman add AddToLogServerService.exe AddToLogServerService".

Add new AddToLogServer Service

To check if the service has been installed – start the TaskManager. Right-click Start->Run and enter "taskmgr"

Start Task manager

Select the "Services"-tab and the "AddToLogServerService".

AddToLogServerService in List of Installed Services

The properties of the service can be set from the Task Manager. Select the service, right-click and select “Open Services” from the drop down list.

Open AddToLogServerService

Select the service, right click and select “Properties”

AddToLogServerService Properties

From this window you can set the start-up type and start/stop the service. Select "Automatic" for automatic start at system start. Management Server and Event Server must be running for the AddToLogServer to be able to log on. Check this via the "System Task Bar".

System Task Bar

Log Server must be running for the Service to be able to add entries to the log.

Milestone XProtect Log Server

AddToLogServer Service Debug Logging

The AddToLogServer Service will when running write some debug information into a log-file. This file is available in the directory "C:\Progarmdata\Vingtor Stentofon\Milestone\Log".

AddToLogServer Service Debug Logging