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Zenitel Mobile

This article describes the features of Zenitel Mobile application in the IC-EDGE system and how to use them.

For more information on how to configure Zenitel Mobile application in IC-EDGE system, please go to Mobile App - Configuration

Calls from/to Zenitel Mobile

Zenitel Mobile supports voice and video calls.

Features during conversation

Mobile featurescall.png

Voice call

A call from Zenitel Mobile can be made in three different ways:

  • Dial the number from the keypad
  • Select a contact from the address book
  • Select a contact from the recent calls list

A call to Zenitel Mobile can be answered or declined from the call screen.

Video call

A call between Zenitel Mobile and a video station will automatically be a video call. This can be changed in Settings > Video of the Zenitel Mobile.

  • Enable video - Enable or disable video calls
  • Initiate video calls - Zenitel mobile will initiate video calls when calling video stations
  • Accept incoming video requests - Zenitel Mobile will receive video calls from video stations
Ongoing video call

Group call

Group calls made from Zenitel Mobile are only possible if the Zenitel Mobile is in the same subnet as the Edge Controller. Zenitel Mobile is not able to receive group calls. Dial the group call directory number (by default 84,85,86 and 87) and start talking to all stations in the group.

Group call to all stations

Action buttons

  • Send DTMF - user can select which DTMF is sent, please refer to Configuration of Action buttons for more information
  • Transfer call - user can transfer a call to a contact from the address book or dial a number manually

Call Forward

To enable call forward on Zenitel Mobile, go to Settings > Call and toggle the switch next to Call Forwarding. Enter the number to which the calls will be forwarded.

Call forwarding is activated