New Current Mail (Event Type)

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Event description

Event Owner: The queing station
Event type: 23 - New Current Mail
Subevent: N/A
When change to ON: Each time the current mail in the queue is changed
When change to OFF: When the current mail is left due to any reason
When related to: The sending station and Mail tag

Additional information

When there are several mails in the queue, there is an internal pointer which points at the "Current mail". Normally this is the mail element at the top of the queue, but when scrolling up or down in the queue the "Current mail" individ will change. When answering a call request (7638 or 70+8) a call is initiated to the "current mail element".

- This event is reported when "current mail" is changed due to
  • manual browsing in the queue (7637/7639)
  • a new priority mail comes first in the queue
  • current mail is deleted

When scrolling in the queue there will be two events reported: An OFF event, where the station which is stepped away from is the Related To station. And an event ON, where the station which is stepped to is the Related To station.

- This event is not triggered when scrolling the queue by the 70 + 7/9 codes, only when using the 7637/7639 codes.
- The ON report is sent 0,5 seconds after browsing to a new queue element. This is to prevent multiple events to be reported when scrolling fast in the queue.