New fields (AlphaPro 10.40)

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Exchange&System->System->VoIP->Default rule:
The default rule is just a two-way choice:

  • Multiplied unicast (0)
  • Multicast (1)

Exchange&System->System->VoIP->Subnet rule 1-4:
A dropdown list with three alternatives tell how each of the 5 subnets are handled :

  • Relayed multicast (0) - the subnet forms a Relay Group
  • Multiplied unicast (1)
  • Multicast (2)

Read more about multicasting here

Short number mode is a tree way selection of:

  • PNCI -> Let the user select Telephone Group
  • SIP -> Let the user select SIP node
  • Selective dialing -> Let the user select a timeout (in seconds)

Pocket Pagers->General Settings:
Two new parameters:

  • Priority Pager Call Repetitions -> Sets the limit for the number of repetitions of the paging command in the pager system.
  • Priority Pager Number of Bleeps -> Sets the number of bleeps that is audible when a pager receiver is activated from the exchange.