OLED Labels (Pulse)

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This menu option is available for the Turbine stations TCIS-4 and TCIS-5, and let you configure the OLED display in the station.

  • In Pulse mode, select SIP Configuration > OLED Labels
OLED settings for TCIS-4 and TCIS-5, software v. 4.9

  • OLED Display Text: Enter display text in the relevant fields for OLED 1 and OLED 2.
  • OLED Font Size: The font size can be either 12 or 16
  • OLED Brightness: Brightness: Default, Bright, Extra Bright
  • Start Scrolling After: Set the time in minutes after which horizontal scrolling of the display text should start
  • Menu Text Color: Select between Dark (default) background and light text, or Light background and dark text (Inverse video).