Open Source Software Used in Turbine Stations

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Zenitel offers to give you a complete machine-readable copy of the open-source code used in Zenitel’s products. This offer is valid for three years from the date of the distribution of the product. To obtain a copy of the source code made available by Zenitel, you should send your request in writing by email to

Please provide the following product information:

  • Name/Model
  • Serial number
  • Date of delivery
  • Your contact information

You can find the list of used open source software, together with the accompanying open source licenses, directly on the product’s web interface, or in the link below.

Product family Software version Open source report
Turbine VSFT-5.1 license-report.pdf
Turbine VSFT-6.1 license-report_61.pdf
Turbine VSFT-6.4 license-report_64.pdf