PTT mode - IP Speakers

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To prevent acoustic echo during two-way communication with an IP speaker with microphone, the speaker must operate in "PTT-mode" (Simplex mode).

PTT-mode means that the operator needs to press the M-key or *-key to talk, and release the M-key (or press the #-key) to listen. This article describes how to configure "PTT-mode" when the IP Speaker is used in an ICX-AlphaCom or AlphaCom XE system.

We assume that the IP Speaker is already configured and registered to the ICX-AlphaCom server.

Start the configuration tool AlphaPro:

  1. Go to Users & Stations
  2. Select the IP Speaker from the list box
  3. Press the button Events

Select Speaker.png

Press the Insert button, and create an event with the following properties:

Set Simplex.PNG

Action command: $SIMP L%1.dir U0 U1