Pelco Digital Sentry and CP-CAM

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IP Video Station, item 1401110100


CP-CAM, the camera in the IP Video Door Station 1401110100, can also be used with Pelco's Digital Sentry.

Digital Sentry

Digital Sentry supports most camera manufacturer with some pre-programmed parameters. But DS also offers the selection possibility 'Other'.

  • Click 'Add IP Camera' and select 'Other'
  • Set the IP address of the camera in the 'IP Configuration' section
  • Under 'Custom URL' program the complete URL, for instance:
  • If the camera has been set up to authentication, enter the correct Username and Password

Programming frame rate and resolution in the Digital Sentry camera setup dialog has no influence, CP-CAM does not accept these settings as part of the connection URL. The frame rate and resolution as set on the CP-CAM web page will be used.

Integration of ICX or AlphaCom with Digital Sentry

For integration between ICX or AlphaCom and Digital Sentry see the article Pelco - Integration with Digital Sentry