Powering Additional Equipment

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Additional equipment often need power to be able to operate as intended. The source of such power varies depending on the type of exchange.

AlphaCom XE7

If the additional equipment is located in close proximity to an AlphaCom XE7 Exchange, the exchange can provide 24VDC from a dedicated output. If other kind of power is required, or if the additional equipment is mounted away from the exchange, a suiteable local power supply is needed.

E7: +24VDC Output

AlphaCom XE20

The AlphaCom XE20 Exchange has an ouput which allows for connection of +5VDC, +15VDC and +24VDC. Each output is protected by a 1 Ampere fuse. Additional equipment that requires an external power source may use these outputs.

E20 Power outputs

AlphaCom XE26

When using additional equipment with an AlphaCom XE26 Exchange, power can be distributed to the external equippment via the Power Distribution Board, PDB. The PDB board provides +5VDC, +15VDC, +24VDC and +32VDC from a number of outputs with several different connection types. The PDB board contains a 1 Ampere fuse for each voltage.

E26 with PDB board