SIP progress (Event Type)

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Event description

SIP states reported from SIP device during setup of outgoing call.
Note: Currently the "TRYING" state is not the "TRYING" response from the SIP trunk but the "TRYING" state from the internal AlphaCom SIP "proxy".
This implies that "TRYING" will also be reported even if the SIP device is not responding.

Event Owner: A station of outgoing SIP TRUNK call
Event type: 36 - SIP PROGRESS EVENT
Subevent: 1: TRYING
20: SPEECH START (Only some AudioCode gateways)
When change to ON: Reported when SIP state information received from the SIP gateway.
When change to OFF: Only reported for 20 SPEECH START, when SPEECH END reported from SIP gateway.
When related to: Node and dirno

Software requirements

AMC or newer