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The AlphaCom XE runs a SNMP service, and supports SNMP polling and SNMP traps.

The main difference between a SNMP poll and a SNMP trap is which device initiates the communication. An SNMP poll is initiated by the SNMP server and the AlphaCom responds to the server. An SNMP trap is initiated by the AlphaCom when it has information to send (usually some event happened) and does not want to wait for the server to ask for information.

Stentofon MIB OID numbers

Zenitel Norway AS has assigned a Private Enterprise Number OID 26122.

The Zenitel Norway AS enterprise number is labeled enterprises.stentofon
Allocated Sub OIDs:

  • 1 - enterprises.stentofon.alphacom
  • 2 - enterprises.stentofon.ipstation

Note that the AlphaCom OID has of historical reasons not always followed the enterprise numbering defined above, see AlphaCom_MIB_revisions

SNMP poll

In addition to the AlphaCom MIB, the standard MIBs mibII, ucd-snmp and snmpv2 are implemented. These Mibs only implements polled information.

The AlphaCom MIB implements two main statuses:

Variable Object ID Comment
Nodestate AMC-IP status enabled/disabled. Shows if the AlphaCom is operational. Same info as in AlphaWeb, Node State - Operational
RTP Statistics RTP audio statistics

All MIBs variables are accessed through SNMP v2 protocol with community = public. All variables are read only.

The default MIBs are always active, but in order to receive polling requests from an SNMP server you need to open the firewall (Filters) in AlphaWeb (UDP port 161).

Define and enable UDP port 161 in Filters settings in AlphaWeb

SNMP Traps

The AlphaCom log events can be sent as SNMP traps.

The alert types that support SNMP traps have a number assigned to them, for example, 1001 is the number assigned to System Log events. The following table lists the number sent in the SNMP trap for each alert type.

Alert number Object ID Alert type Alert criteria
1001 Debug log events
  • Software debug information
1002 System log events
  • Station Line error
  • Board down
  • Device/MultiModule (card cage) error
  • AGA/AE1 audio line error
  • Software error
  • Remote Control Input on/off
  • Customized event logging (LOG command)
1003 Call Statistics log events
  • Point to point calls
  • Group Calls
  • Call Request
  • Ringing Group

SNMP trap is configured in AlphaWeb, System Configuration > Logging. Select destination ‘SNMP Trap’ and configure which logs you want to send.

Configuration of SNMP Traps in AlphaWeb

SNMP traps are using UDP port 162. As this is outbound data, there is no need to define this port in the Filters settings in AlphaWeb.

AlphaCom MIB file

Revision 3:

  • OID enterprises.26122
  • Added missing imports giving MIB validation errors.
  • Removed some unused import definitions

Revision 2:

  • OID enterprises.26122
  • Updated with Zenitel enterprise OID and snmptrap definition for AlphaCom syslog to snmptraps log facilities

Revision 1:

  • OID: enterprises.9362

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