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The Scheduler feature makes it possible to execute actions at preset times/dates.

Event description

Event Owner: Scheduler
Event type: 22 - Minute Tick
Subevent: N/A
When change to ON: Real time minute tick
When change to OFF: Catch-up minute tick
When related to: Scheduling rules, Week day or Date

Additional information

  • Each minute the “22 Minute Tick” event is triggered
  • If the “Minute Tick” time matches the scheduling rules, the event is executed
  • There are two variants of time conditions:
- Date and time: yy-mm-dd hh:mm
  • Each digit can be a wild card *, matching all tick-values in that position
  • Example: The rule “**-**-** 12:00” will be triggered every day at 12:00
- List of weekdays and a time: mtwtfss hh:mm
  • In AlphaPro there is a checkbox for each weekday
  • Each digit in the time can be a wild card *
  • Example: The rule “mtwtf-- **-**-** **:00” will be triggered every hour Monday to Friday
  • Catch up mechanism in case of Power off or if the clock is moved forward
- Up to 24 hours catch up, 1 minute per 100ms (before 11.2.x.x: catch up 1 minute per second)
- During this periode the scheduling time is different from the real time
- Can be disabled by setting: When Change to: On

Application examples

Testing the Scheduler

The scheduling has a "catch-up" mechanism which is operational when the time is forward adjusted. During the catch-up period (max 24 minutes) the real-time scheduling events is not executed. This might cause some confusion during testing.

When you need to adjust the time forward for testing of scheduling events, you should do it in this way:

  • Set the time and date one week past the scheduling point
  • Reset the AMC
  • Wait for 3 minutes
  • Set the time and date back to 3 minutes before the scheduling point
  • Reset the AMC
  • Wait for the Scheduling event to trigger on time

In this way you omit the "catch-up" time.

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