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Feature: Send a Call Request
Default directory number: 622-625, 627-628
Feature number: 73
Parameter 1: 0-255: Priority level of mail
Parameter 2: Mail Flag bits as described in SEND MAIL
Description: Call Request is a security feature where the calling station is queued on a display station. The called person can answer the call any time later.

Procedure: 62x + directory number. The calling station is disconnected, and enters Call Requester Mode.

Additional information:

  • Parameter 1: Mail priority. For meaning see SEND_MAIL#Mail_priority. If priority >= 120 the predefined alarm message 17 is used, otherwise the normal predefined call request message 18 is used.
  • Call Request is a SEND_MAIL with one of the Predefined AlphaCom mails number 17 or 18.
  • The appearance of the text at the receiving station depends on the "Hide in Station Display" flag available in AlphaPro, Directory & Features.
    • "Hide" flag = Off: Show the name of the User
    • "Hide" flag = on: Show the text of the Call Request feature
  • The Call Request can be removed by the code 626
  • Delete_mail_filter (from AMC 09.09): If delete_mail_filter is set, all mails with priority ending with this value (e.g. 3, 13, 23, 33, 43, etc) can not be deleted from station mail navigation or DELETE_MAIL data protocol commando. If delete_mail_filter = 10 then filter on priority ending with 0. delete_mail_filter = 0 means all mail can be deleted. The setting is available from TST console only: TST nvram > .ex_profile.glob_const.delete_mail_filter

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