Start: Event Trigger with parameter (Event Type)

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Event description

Event Owner: A station or UDP group
Event type: 26 - Event Trigger Start w/User parameter
Subevent: Parameter-attribute of the Event Trigger number
When change to ON: When event trigger feature 95 is dialed
When change to OFF: N/A
When related to: All. Will return current mail sender, else empty

Additional information

  • 9535 is default directory number for feature 95/0
  • The parameter-attribute of the Event Trigger directory number (95/n) must match the sub-event
  • Example: Feature 95/2 will trigger event type 26, sub-event 2
  • %1 is the station were the function is dialed
  • If the station has mail in it’s queue, %2 is set to the sender of the current mail. Otherwise %2 is empty


  • This feature can be used to present a help message in the display