TFIX Connections

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TFIX connections

All connections are made on the main board inside the enclosure of the Turbine Ex station.

Audio connections

The internal microphone, loudspeaker and optional accessories are connected to the 12-screw connection terminal block in the Turbine Ex enclosure.

J13 + Integrated Mic +
- Integrated Mic -
S Chassis ground
J6 1 Audio accessory speaker +
2 Audio accessory speaker -
3 Audio accessory microphone mic +
J7 4 Audio accessory microphone mic -
5 Audio accessory Push To Talk (PTT)
6 Audio accessory Hook
J9 7 Audio accessory Ground PTT/Hook
8 Loudspeaker +
9 Loudspeaker -

Flowire connection

Procedures for connecting power supply, LAN network and Inputs/Outputs are described in the manual A100K11499 Ex Turbine Intercoms & Exigo Access Panels Installation & Maintenance Procedures.