Temperature Alarm

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Temperature alarm

The AlphaCom XE monitors the temperature of the boards. If the temperature becomes too high, an internal RCI #8 is triggered, and the log event "Temperature Alarm" is generated:

Oct 10 12:54:35 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:ALARM 8 ON.
Oct 10 12:54:35 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:Temperature Alarm

In addition a mail is sent to the station on physical number 1. The mail can be viewed by entering 70 (Station reset) and looks like this:

0=Clear 8=Call


By default RCI 8 in the Master module is programmed to report Temperature Alarms. This needs to be done manually for the slaves. The RCI for the Master module is number 65/8. Slave 1 is 66/8, slave 2 is 67/8 and slave 3 is 68/8.

Known problems with AMC-IP hardware revision 8000/2

"Temperature Alarm" is reported when the AlphaCom E7 is powered ON:

  • The hardware revision 8000/2 of the AMC-IP board has no support for the over-temperature signal from the ACE7 backplane. This is applicable for the E7 exchange only, and has been corrected in the 8002/4 hardware revision of the AMC-IP. The hardware revision is printed on the rear side of the AMC-IP, top right corner.
  • A workaround is to delete the ON and OFF action for RCI #8 to avoid "Temperature Alarm" to be reported to station #1 when powering on the AlphaCom E7.
Delete ON and OFF action if "Temperature Alarm" should not be reported to station #1