Time Settings (Pulse)

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The user is able to configure time by either enabling NTP and specifying NTP server, or setting up time manually.

On Master stations with display the configured time is shown on display.

  • Select SIP Configuration > Time Settings from the menu
Time Setting in a Turbine station

Time Setting in an INCA station

When Enable Network Time Protocol is checked, it is required to specify NTP server and set up time-zone.

  • Setting up time-zone on Turbine requires specifying Region and Zone in accordance IANA time zone database.
  • Setting up time-zone on INCA is done manually by entering data, GMT+ or -, hour and minute.
  • On INCA summer saving time can be configured which offsets time by 1 hour.

Optionally one can configure the time manually. Manual time can be configured when NTP settings are disabled. To apply manual time a reboot of the station is required.

Current time is visible and can be verified on top of Time Settings page.

Time Settings on Pulse Server

In a Pulse System, it is possible to configure the NTP Settings on the Pulse Server, and the settings will be pushed to all stations registered to the server.

Note that this is applicable for the NTP Settings only. Manual time Settings on the Pulse Server will not be pushed to stations.

Time Setting in the Pulse Server