Turbine+ series board connectors

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Turbine+ connectors

Item Description Comment
1 USB Port Used during production process and for recovery.
Relay Double Throw (SPDT) relay contact with 60W switching power. Max: 250VAC/220VDC, 2A, 60W
I/O interface 6 general purpose I/Os. Each I/O can be configured either as an input or 12mA LED driver output
Line Output Balanced 600 ohm audio line out. Suitable for external induction loop amplifier, PA amplifiers etc
Speaker Output Connection for 8Ω external speaker (relevant for TKIV+ kit)
Microphone Input Connection for electret microphone (relevant for TKIV+ kit)
Power Input 24 VDC for external secondary power if PoE/PoE+ is not available. Pin 1 is positive.
8 Network Port 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45 port connecting to Ethernet. PoE/PoE+ is supported.
9 SD-card slot SD Card slot planned for future use. Currently not in use.
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¹) Connectable conductors: 0.20 - 1.5 mm² (IEC) / 24 - 16 AWG (UL). Use of ferrules is recommended. Max cable size is then 0.75 mm².

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  • Relay switching capacity: Max. 60 watt (Max voltage: 250VAC/220VDC. Max current: 2A)
  • The 5,3V output can deliver 200mA current maximum