Uploading HTTPS certificate

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This article describes how to upload a SSL certificate to the Turbine station for use with HTTPS.

Note icon If the device is in IC-Edge mode, Advanced Configuration Mode, must be enabled

  • Select Edge Configuration/SIP Configuration and from the left hand menu select Certificates. The Turbine certificates are listed.
  • First, generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Enter the required data in each field and click Generate.
CSR fields.png
Enter the required information and click Generate
  • Download the CSR
CSR Download.png
Download the CSR

  • Get a SSL certificate from a certified Certificate Authority (CA) using the generated CSR
  • The name of the SSL certificate must be changed to end with _https.pem.
    • If there are multiple certificates the last one will always be used.
  • Click on Choose file and browse to the location of the SSL certificate. When selected click on the Upload button
Certificat list.png
Uploaded the SSL Certificate