Vidsys CSIM

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The Vidsys Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software the ICX-AlphaCom and AlphaCom system.

The interface is based on a special integration module which is available from Vidsys. This article assumes that the reader is familiar with setup and operation of the Vidsys CSIM product. Only points which are specific to ICX-AlphaCom and AlphaCom and to its connected intercom stations are described.


The integration is licensed.


The integration module software and the license for it is available from Vidsys


ICX-AlphaCom requires the presence of the appropriate API/OPC license.

  • 1002602306 - ILI-API64 - API License Supporting 64 Stations
  • 1002602309 - ILI-API512 - API License Supporting 512 Stations

With ICX-AlphaCom it is possible to purchase a single Product Key which covers all stations connected to all ICX-AlphaCom servers in a network. ICX-AlphaCom licenses can be stacked, i.e. 1x 1002602306 + 2x 1002602309 gives 1088 API licenses which can be used on 2 or more ICX-AlphaCom servers.


The AlphaCom requires the presence of the appropriate API/OPC license. Note that every AlphaCom in an AlphaNet requires such a license.

  • 1009649901 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 40 Stations
  • 1009649902 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 80 Stations
  • 1009649903 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 160 Stations
  • 1009649904 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 240 Stations
  • 1009649905 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 320 Stations
  • 1009649906 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 400 Stations
  • 1009649907 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 552 Stations