Wake-up Calls

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This feature can be used as a wake-up call, or as a reminder of an appointment. When the entered wake-up time is reached, the station starts to ring. The ringing tone stops when a key is pressed on the station, or if the handset is lifted.

By default, if the wake-up call is not cancelled, the station will stop ringing after 2 minutes. It will start to ring again up to 5 times, with 5 minutes between each time.

  • To enter the wake-up time: Dial 7883, enter the time (hour, minutes), enter the day (day, month) or press M if it is within 24 hours.
  • To delete a wake-up time set previously: Dial 7883 + M.
  • Wakeup can also be set by the data protocol message WAKE_UP

Additional Information

  • Wake-up can be programmed up to 10 months ahead
  • You can register only one wake-up time per station. If you program a new wake-up call, it will replace the first one
  • The wake-up time is only for one specific date - you can not program a wake-up that will be repeated automatically every day
  • Active wake-up is shown in the display (but with lower priority than conversation, mail, transfer/absent)
  • The station is open for incoming calls
  • The exchange can register up to 200 wake-up calls
  • The wake-up takes place no later than one minute after the programmed time
  • Wake-up parameters (ringing time, time between calls, number of repetitions), can be changed from AlphaPro: Exchange & System > System > Calls and Options