Door Opening - Automatic Lock (Event Type)

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The Door Opening - Automatic Lock event can be used for simple access control. It requires that the door station has a full keypad. The station dials the directory number for code lock (default 9531, feature 59). This will operate a RCO which controls the door magnet. Note that UDP groups cannot be used with this event.

Event description

Event Owner: A station
Event type: 03 – Door Opening - Automatic Lock
Subevent: N/A
When change to ON: When the event owner dial 9531 (or any directory number with feature 59/0)
When change to OFF: 3,5 seconds later (RCO Pulse Time, programable)
When related to: N/A


Simple access control


This example shows Door Station 104 activates RCO 6 when dialing the access code 9531. Screen shot from AlphaPro version 10.

Door Opening Code Lock.jpg