Fault Relay - Manual Reset

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This article describes how to operate a relay when one or more stations becomes faulty. Relay is reset manually by dialing a code on a dedicated station.


It is recommended to use a relay on MRBD or IP-ARIO, but relay on IP station can also be used. The physical RCO is mapped to a logical RCO.

By default an error message is sent to physical number 1. This can be changed in AlphaPro, Exchange & System, System, RCI and Faults tab.

RCI Faults.PNG

This default error message is sent as a display mail with priority 80. Change minimum priority level for priority mail queue indication from 100 to 80. This is done in AlphaPro, Exchange & System, System, Calls and Options.


This will trigger event 6 - Priority Mail Present. This event is on as long as there are priority mails in queue, and goes off when queue is empty. Display mail is deleted by pressing 70 and 0 for every message to delete. Alternatively, dial 7630 for every mail you want to delete. Add an event with physical 1 as owner, event type 6, when change to ON or OFF, related to All and select the logical RCO you want to use. If error messages are sent to a different physical number, please use this as owner.