Timeout of conversation (Event Handler)

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Using the $ST (Set_Timer) message.

Timeout of incoming calls to one specific station:

In AlphaPro, go to Exchange and System -> Events, press Insert and create the following events:

Event 1

Start the timer on incoming call (180 sec)

Action commands:

$ST L%1.dir w%chg(1800,0) L%2.dir

Event 2

Cancel conversation when timeout

Action commands:

$C L%1.dir

If the conversation timeout should apply for outgoing calls as well, add the following events:

Event 3

Start the timer (180 sec)

Action commands:

$ST L%1.dir w%chg(1800,0) L%2.dir

If the timeout should apply to a number of stations the easiest way is to assign the stations concerned to a UDP group, and then set the UDP group as Event Owner instead of the 'The station' in the above events.