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SET_TIMER 0x008F 143 AMC 08.20
$ST L102 W50
$ST L102

$ST L102 W50 L101 ‘my name’ U0
$ST L102 W0 L101
Set 5 second timer on station 102
Stop all timers on station 102
Set 5 sec, on station 102, from 101
Stop timer on station 102, from 101
Start a timer or stop timer. When the timer expires, an EVENT_REPORT is generated, event type EVH_EVENT_TIMEOUT = 21. The timer can be stopped before expiry by setting a zero timeout value.

A station must be specified as owner of the timer. It is also possible to specify the “related-to” parameters to be used in the timeout EVENT_REPORT. A SET_TIMER will replace an existing running timer if both the owner station and related-to stations are identical. If none of the running timers are matching, a new independent timer is started. Omitting the related-to station has a special meaning for the stop operation: All timers with the specified owner station will be stopped.

1 NET_OBJ_REF {ECL_STATION} Station to receive timeout event (event owner). (NRF_LOCAL_DIRNO and NRF_LOCAL_ENTITY allowed.)
Timeout value, measured in 100 ms ticks. Default value is zero, which means stop timer. Max value will give a 1 hour 49 minute timeout.
Station to be used as related-to parameter in timeout event. Null value allowed. (Only NRF_LOCAL_DIRNO allowed.)
4 TEXT16
Name of related-to parameter in timeout event (16 character).
Default value: Sending station’s name if specified.
User Defined Properties (UDP) of related-to parameter in timeout event.

Default value: 0.

Response: None

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