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EVENT_REPORT 0x0067 103 AMC 07.00
$ER U15 U0 U1 U1 L101 U3 L9000
$ER U15 U0 U1 U1 L101
Triggers the event type 15, subevent 0, When Change To = ON, Owner = station 101, Related To = directory number 9000
Triggers the event type 15, subevent 0, When Change To = ON, Owner = station 101, No 'Related To' information
Report an event to the event/action system. The event may activate an action if there is a match between the parameters in this signal and the parameters of one or more of the entries programmed in the system.

Event Report can be used both to kick off actions in a local exchange, and in a remote exchange via AlphaNet. Event Owners need not be physical stations, so it’s possible to set up “dummy” stations to handle all kinds of exchange control. One possible use is to let an RCI perform a lengthy action string which is stored in the Event Handler. Program the RCI with $ER…., then the real (long) action on a dummy station event.

1 UINT2 Event identification. This parameter encodes two values:
UINT1 - main event: See system documents for a detailed description.From AlphaPro 08.00: go to Event Handler screen, see number in Event drop-down list.

UINT1 - sub event, usually 0.
Example: Event Trigger (user defined) is 0x0F00 (or U15 U00)

2 UINT1 Event state (transition):
0 = OFF
1 = ON
3 UINT1 Owner type:
Owner identification, according to parameter 3:
- of a station (NRF_LOCAL_DIRNO)
- NRF_LOCAL_ENTITY/NRF_PHYS_ADDR of station (from AMC 09.03)
The owner is always located in the node that receives this message.
5 UINT1 Related station / feature type:
0 = no related info
3 =
6 NET_OBJ_REF Related, according to parameter 5:
- of a station or a feature (NRF_LOCAL_DIRNO).
Node number can also be specified, i.e. the node number of the exchange where the is defined.
(optional AMC 07.60)
Related’s User Defined Properties (if of a station).
Default value: Related’s UDP
8 TEXT16
Related’s display text (name)
Default value: Related’s name.
AMC 08.20

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