AMC-IP software upgrade (Black AMC-IP board)

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AMC-IP Processor Board (Black)

This article describes how to upgrade the software in an AlphaCom server, running a black AMC-IP board (hardware revision 5 or later).

This is the currently produced AMC-IP board. It replaced the red AMC-IP board (hardware revision 4) in 2010.

The software and software are supported only on the black AMC IP boards. The red AMC-IP board is not supported.

Backup customer data

Configuration data will get lost after the upgrade.

The customer data MUST be backed up by doing a GetAll operation from AlphaPro before the upgrade is performed.

Software Upgrade

  • For AMC Download the file bsp_32.00.3.1_AS_12.5.3.4.apkg. This file contains the AMC-IP software version, as well as security updates.
  • For AMC Please Download and install BSP first! Download the file alpha-sys_13.1.3.13.apkg. This file contains the AMC-IP software version
  • Use an internet browser and log on to the AlphaCom Web interface (AlphaWeb) and select System Maintenance -> System Upgrade.
  • Browse to the downloaded file, and select Upload. The file will now be transferred from the PC to the AMC-IP board.
Browse and Upload the new firmware

  • When the upload is finished an Install button will appear. Press the Install button, the upgrade status is shown in the web browser.
  • When the software installation is finished the system will restart with the new software.

Restore customer data

Restore the customer data by doing a SendAll operation from AlphaPro. Reset the exchange when the SendAll is finished.