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Obsolete icon This product is discontinued!

AMC-IP Processor Board
100 9202 000

Replacement: The AMC-IP board 100 9202 000 (known as AMC-IP version 10, easily identified by its red PCB) is no longer available, and is replaced by the AMC-IP board 100 9202 100 (black PCB, also known as AMC-IP version 11).

The AMC IP card is the next generation multiservice card made for the STENTOFON AlphaCom E series. The card is made for critical communication and security solutions featuring an embedded real time Linux operating system, integrated media processing engine, packet processing engine, HW encryption and storage module.

The AMC IP card opens up for a new set of innovative services to improve cost efficiency, service capabilities and system operation.

A wide range of open interfaces allow extended integration with different kinds of communication and alarm systems, access control, CCTV, public address, public telephones and a variety of features and solutions that can be added when desired. It is easy to interface to 3rd party systems to create special applications.

The new technology allows remote programming, logging and maintenance via AlphaPro, Syslog and standard web browsers.

The integrated Web and SIP server extends the AlphaCom communication and security solution to external systems such as PDA, iPBXs, mobiles, and PCs.


  • Next generation multiservice card with integrated media processing engine, packet processing engine, HW encryption, and storage module
  • Made for critical communication and safety solutions
  • Embedded real time Linux operating system
  • Best of both worlds – supports a mix of IP and traditional services
  • Backward compatible
  • SIP interoperability with external VoIP systems and equipment
  • Wide range of open interfaces
  • New services through Web, i.e. remote programming
  • Networking capabilities to extend your solution geographically


The AMC-IP board can substitute the CPU card in existing AlphaCom 80+ and 138 exchanges, and is standard in the new AlphaCom E7, E20 and E26 exchanges.

In AlphaCom E20 and E26 exchanges the board plugs into board position 25, in the AlphaCom E7 it plugs into position 7.

The board can be inserted in a powered cabinet by connecting the power hot-plug cable to the board prior to insertion. The AMC status LED is red. Remove the plug when the board is in place. If a hot-plug cable is not available, the mains switch must be turned off.

AMC-IP card installation

Filter Board

A filter and connection board, FBIP, must be inserted from the rear side of the cabinet in the same card position as the AMC-IP card. This filter board is not needed in AlphaCom E7 where all EMC filters and external connectors are integrated in the backplane. A service PC must be connected to Eth0 (default) or to RS232 (Serial Port 0). The USB connector is not available in the 10.0 AMC-IP board versions.


The AMC IP card provides full backward compatibility in both software and hardware. All traditional AlphaCom services and interfaces are supported. The card can even support traditional AlphaCom feature card and cabinets, allowing STENTOFON AlphaCom 80+ and AlphaCom 138 to be upgraded with AlphaCom E features.

LED indicators

The card has a number of LEDs to indicate the board and Ethernet status.

LED indicators on the AMC-IP board.

Switches and jumpers

The AMC-IP board has two 8-bank DIP switches and four jumpers set to default position at delivery.

AMC-IP board with switches and jumpers.


Do NOT change the default settings unless you are absolutely sure of the consequences.

S200 settings

Speed - Duplex.jpg

Link Status LED's

Link Status.jpg

Ethernet 0/1 status LEDs

Technical Specification

Dimensions (WxHxD)
Double Extended Europe Format
Central processor

Intel IPX425, 400 MHz, XScale core
3 Network Processor Engines
Hardware Encryption
Media processors

TI TMS320C6205, 200 MHz, 1600 MIPS
XILINX Spartan-3
32 parallel audio streams
RAM, Workspace
NVRAM (Battery)

32 MB StartaFlash
Up to 4 GB Compact Flash

Note: the CF is currently not supported.

Operating system Linux v. 2.4.20
Serial ports
Eth0: RS232 only
Eth1: RS232/422/485

Up to 115200 kbps
Up to 115200 kbps
Ethernet ports (2 x)

IEEE 802.3
10/100 Mbps
Half / Full Duplex
Auto Negotiation
Auto MDI/MDIX switch-over
IP protocols

IP v4 - TCP - UDP - Telenet - FTP - NTP - HTTP 1.1 - Syslog
SNMP v2c - SIP - RTP - RTCP - VolP AlphaNet - STENTOFON data
Audio technology

High-Resolution 1-Bit Audio - High-Fidelity
40 Hz-18.5 kHz - Wideband 7kHz (G.722)
Narrowband 3.4 kHz (G.711) - Adaptive
Jitter Buffers - Adaptive Time Synchronization