Syslog (AlphaCom)

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Syslog is a standard for forwarding log messages in an IP network. The term "syslog" is often used for both the actual syslog protocol, as well as the application or library sending syslog messages.

The syslog is configured from the web interface.

Facility value

The Facility value is a way of determining which process of the ICX-AlphaCom created the message. Since the Syslog protocol was originally written on BSD Unix, the Facilities reflect the names of Unix processes and Daemons:

Severity level

Debug log

The Debug Log reports on several Severity levels:

  • Local0.Crit: Disaster – Exchange reset. The state of the exchange is so bad that the software does a controlled reset to restore normal operation.
  • Local0.Error: Error – The software handles a problem by e.g. aborting an operation and returning to idle, but logs a message
  • Local0.Warning: Warning – Information to the user. Often identical to texts sent to the log port
  • Local0.Notice: Reconfiguration of Syslog and restarting AMCd on command are reported at this level
  • Local0.Info: Information regarding Redundant Servers - ICX-AlphaCom is reported on this level

System log

The System Log reports on two severity levels:

  • Local1:Notice: All log events in the system log are reported at this level, except
  • Local1:Warning: Log events related to communication with external Audio Recorder

Call Statistics log

The Call Statistics Log reports on one severity level: Local2:Info

Note that when reporting log events using SNMP Traps, all three log types are reported with Facility/Severity = Local7.Debug.