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The System log provides technical events for monitoring the health of the AlphaCom system. The system log includes the following type of events:

  • Station Line error
  • Board down
  • Device/MultiModule (card cage) error
  • AGA/AE1 audio line error
  • Software error
  • Remote Control Input on/off
  • Customized event logging (LOG command)

In AlphaPro Exchange & System > System > Logs and Errors it is possible to configure what events to include in the system log. By default all events are included.

It is also possible to configure customized event logging in the system log. This is done in the Event Handler by using the LOG command.

Description of log string

                  Common part                                    Log event
 Oct 11 14:06:21 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D65.B01-2 Line Down: CD Open St 2 "102 -"
 --------------- ----------- --------  ---- ----- ---- ------------------------------------------
       |             |            |      |    |     |      |
       |             |            |      |    |     |      +- Log event
       |             |            |      |    |     +-------- Mandatory text
       |             |            |      |    +-------------- Source: Module number (65 is master module, 66-68 are slave  modules)
       |             |            |      +------------------- Source: Node number (Here: node 1)    
       |             |            +-------------------------- Mandatory text
       |             +--------------------------------------- Source: Exchange name
       +----------------------------------------------------- Date and time of log event

Log events

Station line

Traditional (analog) stations

Line Down: The line monitoring feature of the AlphaCom will detect when there is a station line error. Stations are reported down only (not UP). Here line error is reported on station 102. The line board is located in positon 1, port 2:

Oct 11 14:06:21 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D65.B01-2 Line Down: CD Open St 2 "102 -"

The ASLT board reports a code value to pinpoint a problem. Note that only the first detected error is flagged, and that there may be additional errors on the same station.
When a station is disconnected, CD Open is detected before AB Open.

  • AB Shorted
  • AB Open
  • CD Shorted
  • CD Open

Station down is also reported to the event handler "faulty station line" ON/OFF.

Off-Hook Timeout is reported if a station is left with the handset off-hook longer than a preprogrammed time. The time is by default 60 minutes, but can be set to much shorter value from AlphaPro (Exchange & System > System > Logs and Errors > Off-hook to long). When the timer times out, a log event is generated, but the station is not taken out of operation. When the handset is replaced the Handset OK is reported.

Oct 17 20:30:33 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D66.B01-6  Off-Hook Timeout St 144 "244 -"
Oct 17 18:20:35 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D66.B01-6  Handset OK St 144 "244 -"

Note: On stations without display the AlphaCom cannot see the difference betweeen handset off and a break in a- or b-wire. In both situations there is no current floating in the ab-wire loop. This means that a break in a single a- or b-wire will be reported as "Off-Hook Timeout" on non-display stations.

IP Stations

The IP substation is supervised in two different ways.

  1. Each IP-sub-stations have its own unique TCP socket for data communication. This socket send TCP-alive frames every 5 second, thus a broken socket is discovered within 10 seconds and reported as line error from AlphaCom.
  2. From the Application layer AlphaCom is sending a "PING" approximately every 90 second. The stations reply with a "PONG". If one PONG is missing the station is reported as line fault.
IP station down

IP station down is reported on the log port in the two following ways (Data communication is lost, no PING reply or socket closed):

930: Feb 13 16:17:58 src@Node1 AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D65.B25-1  Line Down: IP ST Data Com St 20  "1001 -"

IP station down is also reported to the event handler "faulty station line" ON/OFF.

No license

If a new license key is entered with no IP station licenses or not enough licenses, then some stations will be out of business:

933: Feb 13 16:21:34 src@Node1 AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D65.B25-1  Line Down: IP ST License St 20  "1001 -"

The system station will report like ordinary line faults with reference to master board and first port (B25-1) since the IP station is not related to any physical AMC board position.

Multicast test

Applies to IP stations configured to use multicast or relayed multicast for groupcall / simplex conferences. AlphaCom test these stations if they can be reached with multicasted DIP messages ("mping" message).

: <141>Feb 26 13:24:30 src@Node1 AlphaLog: N051.D065:.Exch:@D65.B25-1  IP ST failing:  Multicast test St 200 "300 -"
: <141>Feb 26 13:31:02 src@Node1 AlphaLog: N051.D065:.Exch:@D65.B25-1  IP ST OK from:  Multicast test St 200 "300 -"

If the Multicast test failes, the station will not be able to receive Groupcall, simplex conference, audio program or alarm-messages. Please read Multicast in AlphaCom for more information.

The station is still available for conversations.

RTP missing

IP station received a connect message (auc or agc) on the DIP protocol, but no RTP audio packets comes from the AlphaCom. The IP station then sends a "err rtp" DIP message, which is forwarded to the Syslog:

: <141>Feb 26 13:43:42 src@Node1 AlphaLog: N051.D065:.Exch:@D65.B25-1  IP ST failing:  Rtp Conv Audio missing St 240 "340 -"
: <141>Feb 26 13:43:43 src@Node1 AlphaLog: N051.D065:.Exch:@D65.B25-1  IP ST failing:  Rtp Grp Audio missing St 240 "340 -"
: <141>Feb 26 13:43:45 src@Node1 AlphaLog: N051.D065:.Exch:@D65.B25-1  IP ST failing:  Rtp Conf Audio missing St 240 "340 -"

"Conv" refers to conversation, which is always sent as unicast UPD packets to port 61000. If this happen, there is usually a firewall port issue.

"Grp", "Conf" refers to groupcall and simplex conferences. If this happen, it may be a multicast routing issue, or a firewall port issue.

The IP station waits for 2 - 7 seconds after the connect before sending the error message.


Board Down is reported when the AMC-board fail to communicate with a board inside the module. Board error is reported down only (not up). Here the board in position 9 is reported down:

Oct 11 16:15:15 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D65.B09 Board Down

Board error is also indicated by red light in the status LED in front of the cabinet (AlphaCom E20 and AlphaCom E26). The status LED can be reset by the 7871 code.


Device Error is reported if the communication between the AlphaCom and the device fails. A "device" is normally a RIO unit). Here there is an error communicating with device #1:

Oct 10 17:51:36 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D01        Device Error

Device OK is reported when the communication becomes OK, and also after restart of the AlphaCom exchange:

Oct 10 17:51:37 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D01        Device OK

Device Missing is reported if the device is not responding after AlphaCom startup:

Oct 11 16:16:54 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D02        Device Missing

Card Cage (MultiModule)

Card Cage OK is reported after system startup when all boards in the module are up and running, i.e. the module is operational. Card Cage OK is also reported when communication becomes OK after "Card Cage Error".

Card Cage (module) adresses:

  • 65 = Master
  • 66 = Slave 1
  • 67 = Slave 2
  • 68 = Slave 3

Module 65 (Master) is operational:

Oct 10 12:54:45 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D65        Card Cage OK

Card Cage Error is reported when the communication between Master and Slave module fails.

Slave 1 (module 66) fails:

Jan  2 07:02:29 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D66        Card Cage Error

AlphaNet Link

The data communication with other AlphaCom nodes in AlphaNet is supervised.

Communication error between node 1 and node 3:

Feb 12 14:50:37 src@AlphaComE AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:DP link down, port 9  node 3 device 65

Communication established between node 1 and node 3:

Feb 12 14:51:33 src@AlphaComE AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:Peer on ACDP port 9 is node 3 device 65

The ACDP port number which is refered to is an internal port number. Port number 1 - 7 is serial link. Port number 9 - 50 is TCP/IP link.

If the communication is via TCP/IP (and not serial link), there will also be a TCP disconnect event when the link goes down and a connect message when the link becomes OK:

Feb 12 14:50:45 src@AlphaComE AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:DP 09 DISC TCP-IP Client Port: 50000 IP: 
Feb 12 14:51:30 src@AlphaComE AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:DP 09 CONN TCP-IP Client Port: 50000 IP:

The node with the lower node number is the client and connects to the node with the higher node number at TCP port 50000.

AGA/AE1 Audio Lines

AlphaNet Line Down is reported if the AGA or AE1 audio link between two nodes in AlphaNet becomes faulty. The audio links are supervised by a test tone issued at regular intervals, default every 15 seconds in a rotating order. It is the node with the lowest node number which "owns" the line, and this node is doing the tone test and error reporting. E.g. between node 1 and 3 the node 1 is doing the testing and reporting.

In the example below the first line on board position 23 (B23-1) is reported faulty.

Oct 13 14:23:28 src@AlphaComE AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D65.B23-1  AlphaNet Line Down:SL=  8 NL=  8

Signal Level (SL) is the level measured when there is supposed to be a tone, Noise Level (NL) is the measured level when there is no tone (silence). Signal level is normally in the range 80 - 90. If the signal level is below 40, the AGA error is reported.

AlphaNet Line Up is reported when the audio link becomes OK. Signal level is 86 in this example:

Oct 13 14:23:59 src@AlphaComE AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D65.B23-1  AlphaNet Line Up:SL=86 NL=  8

The AGA Audio Ring in a MultiModule system is monitored by a test tone at regular intervals, and a log event is reported if an AGA audio link becomes faulty. The board and line number (B24-1 means board 24, line 1) is reported, as well as the signal level (EI1) and Silence Level (EI2) in hexadecimal notation:

Oct 13 15:24:59 src@AlphaComE AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D65.B24-1  AudioRing 33  Audio (Tone) Test Failed. EI1=08h EI2=08h (STS=04h)
Oct 13 15:54:01 src@AlphaComE AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:@D65.B24-1  AudioRing 33  Audio (Tone) Test OK. EI1=52h EI2=08h (STS=00h)

Remote Control Input RCI

ALARM xx ON: RCI's are reported ON and OFF in the system log. The number indicate the logical RCI number.

Oct 13 14:22:41 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:ALARM 1 ON.
Oct 13 14:22:39 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:ALARM 1 OFF.

System reports

System restart

Power ON or system restart:

Oct 10 09:38:16 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:Warm restart performed, no NVRAM autoload. AMC1051;  NVRAM 1050

Backup and Restore

Backup and restore of the system configuration is logged:

Feb 11 22:38:21 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:Backup to Flash performed, 1092308 bytes compressed to 1092510 bytes. NVRAM 1050
Feb 11 22:45:56 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:Flash Backup restored


Performing system autoload (loading default factory settings) is logged:

Feb 11 23:16:20 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:AutoLoad: Loaded whole NVRAM with default factory settings  Reason: AMC coldstart button pressed. SW version: AMC1051

AlphaPro log-in

AlphaPro is using port 60001. The system log can show the IP address of the AlphaPro PC that has logged on and off to the AlphaCom:
Note: The NVRAM flag .ex_profile.flags.gcdi_conn_report must be set to "1"

Oct 10 12:46:20 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:DP 33 CONN TCP-IP Server Port: 60001 IP:
Oct 10 12:53:42 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:DP 33 DISC TCP-IP Server Port: 60001 IP:
  • CONN = Connected
  • DISC = Disconnected


Port 63333 is used internally between AlphaWeb and AMCD. When looking at node status, station status, license etc., AlphaWeb will make a connection to the AMCD using port 63333. This connection is logged.
Note: The NVRAM flag .ex_profile.flags.gcdi_conn_report must be set to "1"

Jan  6 10:03:55 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:DP 87 CONN TCP-IP Server Port: 63333 IP:
Jan  6 10:03:55 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:DP 87 DISC TCP-IP Server Port: 63333 IP:

TST log-in

Log in to the TST console is logged.

Oct 10 12:47:33 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:DP 81 DISC Local /tmp/amctst     
Oct 10 12:25:38 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:DP 81 CONN Local /tmp/amctst

TCP-IP connections

TCP-IP connections are logged. Below a device with IP address has connected (and disconnected) to port 4001.

Oct  8 15:50:02 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:DP 03 CONN TCP-IP Client Port: 4001 IP:
Oct  8 15:49:48 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:DP 03 DISC TCP-IP Client Port: 4001 IP:

MultiModule over IP is using TCP port 50010 and shows connection between master and slave module.

Serial port initialization

When serial ports are configured in AlphaPro, log events are reported when serial port 0 and 1 are initialized by the AlphaCom:

Oct 10 12:54:34 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:DP 39 CONN Uart /dev/tts/0      
Oct 10 12:54:37 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:DP 04 CONN Uart /dev/tts/1

Temperature alarm

The AlphaCom monitors the temperature of the boards. If the temperature becomes too high, an internal RCI #8 is triggered, and the log event "Temperature Alarm" is generated:

Oct 10 12:54:35 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:ALARM 8 ON.
Oct 10 12:54:35 src@Johnson AlphaLog: N001.D065:.Exch:Temperature Alarm