ASVP software module installation

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The voice language files are APKG packages installable from AlphaWeb. They can only be installed on AMC-IP boards running AMC software version 11.

Uploading english ASVP language package

  • In AlphaWeb go to System Maintenance > System Upgrade
  • Browse to the language file, and select Upload
  • Press the button Install

Available message services depends on what Audio Messaging License is installed:

Available messages depends on what licens is installed


  • It is only possible to install one single ASVP package at a time.
  • If installing a new version of the same package, just install over the old one.
  • If installing a different ASVP package, remove the old ASVP package first.

Language packages are named after the ISO_639-1 code for the language:

   chn    Chinese    
   da     Danish
   de     German
   en     English
   fi     Finnish
   fr     French
   it     Italian
   ko     Korean
   no     Norwegian 
   sv     Swedish

Troubleshoting: "tstdb 1 11" on tst.