AlphaPro 12.1.x - Release Notes

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This document provides the release notes for AlphaPro 12.1 with incremental bug fix releases. The release notes for AlphaPro 12.1 describe new features, improvements and issues fixed after AlphaPro 12.0.


Release info

Name: AlphaPro
Description: AlphaPro is the programming tool for the ICX and AlphaCom server
Date: 21.04.2020
Status: General Availability (GA)

Note icon
  • This is not an upgrade of v12.0.x.x versions. It should not be installed in same location as older AlphaPro versions

New Features and Functional Changes

MTN-2682 Add option to use port 443 (https)

Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-2580 AlphaPro GetAll saves wrong node type

MTN-2603 Import from csv file gives wrong line out volume for CCoIP stations

MTN-2579 Text "Station" for RCI type in RCI window is wrong

MTN-2108 Show "Not Member of"/"Member of" text in Users&Stations - Groups