AlphaPro 12.1.x - Release Notes

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This article provides the release notes for AlphaPro 12.1 with incremental bug fix release.


Release info

Name: AlphaPro
Description: AlphaPro is the programming tool for the ICX and AlphaCom server
Date: 21.04.2020
Status: General Availability (GA)

Note icon
  • This is not an upgrade of v12.0.x.x versions. It should not be installed in same location as older AlphaPro versions

New Features and Functional Changes

MTN-2682 Add option to use port 443 (https)

Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-2580 AlphaPro GetAll saves wrong node type

MTN-2603 Import from csv file gives wrong line out volume for CCoIP stations

MTN-2579 Text "Station" for RCI type in RCI window is wrong

MTN-2108 Show "Not Member of"/"Member of" text in Users&Stations - Groups