Backup and Restore (IP Stations)

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From the web interface of the station it is possible to backup and restore the configuration data.

Log in to the station web interface, and select Station Administration > Backup and Restore:

The backup and Restore page

Download XML Configuration File

Will make a backup of current ipst_config.xml station configuration file.

Download Complete Configuration [Turbine only]

Will make a backup of current XML and ZAP station configuration, it will be saved as ipst_config.tar.gz.

Note icon ZAP configuration is currently only needed if VS-SDK for Pulse is being used in the system (and VS-SDK project type used in VS-IMT).

Anti-Virus software warnings

It is possible that some Anti-virus software will raise a warning for the config file being downloaded. In that case it is safe to select option to proceed with the file download ....

Upload Configuration File

Used to restore previously made backup of station configuration.

Ignored values from backup file

Some values from backup file will be ignored because station will force/generate a new value. Note that most of these settings are not configurable and have specific value on each station. The settings are:

  • MAC address
  • Hostname
  • Hardware type
  • Frontboard