CCURE 9000 ICX-AlphaCom integration- Release Notes

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Release State: Released
Release Version: 2.80.006, 2.70.004, 2.60.004, 2.53.004
Installation Package 1: CCURE9000v2.x_VS-AlphaCom_Integration2.xx.00x.msi
Installation Package 2: CCURE9000v2.x_VS-AlphaCom_Integration_ClientOnly2.xx.00x.msi

CCURE 9000 ICX-AlphaCom integration

V2.80.006, V2.70.004

Errors Corrected

In an Enterprise configuration (MAS and SAS), Discovered stations were not stored correctly in the database. This did not affect a stand-alone configurations (SAS only) system.

V2.80.004, V2.70.002, V2.60.004, V2.53.004

Errors Corrected

In an Enterprise configuration (MAS and SAS), the integration module attempts to retrieve the list of available actions from the MAS. This bug is only apparent when linking an intercom status change event to an action. Note that in stand-alone configurations (SAS only) this list is retrieved correctly from the SAS.


Errors Corrected

Database permission problem means that discovered stations are not always added to the database.

V2.80.002, V2.70.001, V2.60.003, V2.53.003

First release