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Each intercom station is assigned to one out of 16 different Class of Service (CoS). The CoS defines which features the intercom station should have access to, and which features it should be restricted access from. See also the article Class of service.

The Class of Service windows - "Read" mode and "Change" mode

  • COS Number: The Class of Service ID, 1-16
  • Description: The text you enter here is displayed in the listbox to the left. Note that this text is not transferred to the AlphaCom server. It is stored locally on the PC only.
  • Not Valid: Shows a list of features which are not available for this Class of Service
  • Valid: Shows a list of features which are available for this Class of Service
  • Arrows: Move features between Valid and Not Valid by using the single arrow keys or double arrow keys. The single arrow key will move the selected feature only, while the double arrow key will move all features. One can also move a feature by double-clicking on the feature in the listbox.
  • Copy from..: If you want to create a new Class of Service which is more or less identical to an existing CoS, you can select an empty CoS (2 - 14 by default) from the listbox, then select Copy from.. and pick the Class of Service you want to copy into the new Class of Service.

Intercom stations are assigned to a Class of Service in the Users & Stations window.

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