Conference Mixer Station

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This feature is used in combination with the Multiconference feature.

Feature: Conference Mixer Control (From
Default directory number: 8260-8266
Feature number: 116
Parameter 1:
  • 0 Volume Down single mixer channel
  • 1 Volume Up single mixer channel
  • 2 Volume down loudspeaker (Sum of mixed channels)
  • 3 Volume up loudspeaker (Sum of mixed channels)
  • 4 Volume down line out (Sum of mixed channels)
  • 5 Volume up line out (Sum of mixed channels)
  • 6 Toggle selected conference in/out of the mix.
  • 7 Manually select workchannel.

Param value 0,1 and 6 request for a conference directory number "8201-8250". Changes will affect the selected conference channel. Multiple number of steps can be preformed. Display shows current volume of the channel.

Parameter 2:

Timeout of stepping mixer channel volume (When Parameter 1 = 0 or 1). Default 0 = 6 seconds timeout of volume step feature.

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