Delayed Call

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This article describes how to configure the ICX-AlphaCom in such a way that a call button from a substation must be pressed for a predefined time before the call is made to a master station.

Application areas:

  • Elevators - Regulations: the call button must be pressed for some seconds before the call is made.
  • Parking garage - Avoid unnecessary calls from playing children etc.

The Delayed Call functionality is controlled by the Event Handler, which is configured from AlphaPro.

In AlphaPro, go to Exchange and System -> Events, press Insert and create the following events:

Event 1 - When the call button (Subevent = 1) is pressed (=ON), start a 3 second timer (W30). Stop the timer when the button is released.

If any of the 6 I/O's on the Turbine are used, these are subevents 11-16.


Action commands:

$ST L%1.dir W%chg(30,0) L9000

Event 2 - If the timer expires, e.g. the button has not been released, make a call to 101.


Action commands:

$CALL L%1.dir L101

See also Dual Function on a single Call Button