Door Opening feature (Pulse)

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Door Opening feature

During conversation with the Door Intercom Station, the integrated relay of the door station can be operated by pressing digit "6" on the master station. As the Door Stations by default are configured to trigger on DTMF "6", no special configuration is required for the Door Opening feature.

One can change which digit to use, or the pulse time of the relay, from the web interface of the door intercom station:

The relay is active for 3 seconds when the station receives DTMF digit "6"

If there is a need to restrict which stations should be allowed to do Door Opening, this can be configured via Station Profiles.

For Door Opening it is also possible to use Virtual I/O. Virtual I/O is a feature for activating scripts on station events. The scripts can execute commands towards other systems, e.g. access control systems. See Virtual I/O for more information.